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Orange Blossom Vanilla Sugar

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Orange blossom petals have long been revered for their intoxicating aroma, said to cause women to dance in joy as they bloom in the orchards. They are often distilled for their oils, used to attract bees in the production of flavored honey and dried for use in teas and sugars. Pomegranate flowers have long been a symbol of prosperity and ambition. Together, they make a sugar that is savory, sweet, and deeply floral.

Medicinally, orange blossom calm the stomach, nerves and headaches. Pomegranate flowers are good for the heart and high in anthocyanins. 

How to Use: Flavor simple syrup, roll in shortbread cookies before baking, or sweeten tea. 

Ingredients: Orange blossoms, pomegranate flower petals, turbinado sugar, vanilla bean.